Advantages of our technology

(cost reduction)

Reduction of paint losses during spraying (saving up to 30% of paint).
Reduced maintenance costs for the chamber and filters.
The payback period is less than one year.


Increase in productivity is
up to 30% !
Improvement of the transfer efficiency.
Reduction in the waiting time (flash time) between layers during coating process (without intermediate dryings).
Reduction of application time by 25-50%.


Elimination of surface moisture.
Elimination of the effect of Ā«orange peelĀ».
Improves the accuracy of colour matching / colour rendering.
100% control of the application process and coating quality.

Environmental Control

Reduce the use of solvents up to 50%.
Reducing emissions of volatile organic content (VOC).
The possibility of obtaining environmental certificates.

General advantages

Reduction in applied pressure during spraying.
Elimination of the main drawbacks usually poorly controlled during spray painting.
Elimination of the effects of extreme temperatures and humidity on the colouration process.

Scope of application

Automotive industry.
Car repair service.
Woodworking industry.
Manufacture of polymers.

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Our customers

Mutually beneficial relationships with our customers are our key goal since the best strategic characteristic of the company is a satisfied customer!

Nitrothermspray & Polifluid

The Nitrothermspray / Polifluid equipment is protected by international patents

How we are working



Send us a request with a completed questionnaire form.



We will carry out the selection of equipment and the calculation of the price offer.



We agree on the targets and terms of cooperation.



We deliver, install and test equipment.



Once targets are achieved we finalize a purchase deal and you arrange a payment in any convenient manner.


After the deal we provide all the instructions, personnel training and aftersale service.

Are you interested? Fill in a questionnaire and get a discount
of 5 to 10%!